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Add your caffe, shop or restaurant to ME-QR-REVIEW. Create QR code for your business and get reviews by QR.

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Create a review form

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Share feedback with QR

Collect reviews with QR Codes in easy way

Send QR to your customers through social networks or email and give them opportunity to rate your service. Print QR code and place it in your caffe, shop or company and let people leave their reviews for few clicks.

User review with rating

Allow customers to leave any kind of review

You clients can tell other people about your service in many ways. They can take a photo, record audio message and leave comment. They can rate your service from 1 to 5, too.

QR Code review - statistic

Get statistic of customer's opinions about your business

View review statistic, read comments and recieve average rating of your service. Get to know how to be better with reviews by QR codes.

Notification about customer's review

Quickly react to customer reviews

We know that you care about your client's reviews. So, when customer will leave review you'll get notofication on your phone.

Customize review form

Add title and logo into your company page. Be more recognizable and memorable for your customers, that leave review about you.

Audio message recording

Let your clients to record audio messages about your company.

Promote your social media

Add buttons with your social networks. Get more subscribers and followers.

Service for review by QR code

Recieve detail feedback

Your customers will have opportunity to describe their opinion and experience about your service by leaving a comment.

Photo or video leaving

Your customers can attach a photo or record a video feedback for your company.

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